Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Big Effin' Deal

But it is. The Deutsche Oper production of Idomeneo goes off without a hitch, albeit with a ton o' added security. No sign of protests by local radical Islamists or Poseidonites.

Audience members were advised on evacuation measures prior to the performance.

Why this hadn't been implemented for previous Mozart stagings remains unclear.

Related: Deutsche Oper gets new head.


Will said...

The Times reports, however, that the leading tenor “appeared to be wearing a bulletproof vest”.


Robert G. said...

Hard to tell:


Emerson said...


Good luck on your new blog. I'm so happy you're on the wagon again -- I mean writing again.

As for the stage show, the guy was wearing a vest to protect himself from neo-con Bushitler fascist hebes like myself, who wasn't allowed to transport my bazooka over the border because of the mountie commies!!