Friday, January 5, 2007

Old-School Feminist Rant

Cover story for Macleans' most recent issue (print mag only): Why do we dress our daughters like skanks? Cover photo: 10-year old girl wearing fishnets, denim mini, and pink tank top emblazoned with: Made You Look.

We get the point.

The article suggests that parents weary of the endless battles with their kids, who just want to fit in, blah blah, the usual story. Also points the finger at consumer goods manufacturers for targeting a younger market. There are some interesting points made here, but basically, there is NO justification for buying your daughter slutty clothes.

The Macleans piece references some Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt (targeted at older girls obviously) with the provocative slogan: "Who needs brains when you have these?" I am entirely humourless on these kinds of things, so I don't care if it's meant tongue in cheek.

So here's why you DO need your brains, you silly little "empowered" girls:

  • Boobs don't last forever! One day, your pretty little face and body will be OLD (and by today's youth-oriented standards, that means 30). Then you won't be able to trade on your looks, so you'd better have built up a big RRSP or start using your brains.
  • Looking for a good job out of university? Guess what: you can't put "nice tits" on your resume as an attribute (unless you're applying to Hooters, in which case I wash my hands of you). Employers still look for legitimate credentials and experience.

One final point: why do you want to dress like a whore anyway? Think of the REAL sex workers out there; how will their clients be able to distinguish between them and the faux ho's?


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The woman who was my boss from 1998-2000 was constantly rabbiting on about getting everything ready for her 10yr old daughter's school dance--it was a big deal, with a session booked at a photographer's studio and everything. She brought the photos into work to show them off to us.

Teased up hair, a foot of makeup, faux leopard skin, lots of flesh and legs wide apart, inviting who knows what?

Don't think any of the rest of us knew where to look.

Jo said...

Yeah, it's hard to know what to say in that situation: "Nice pics" somehow isn't quite right.