Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh Giorgio!

Fancy a quality hummer? Take the 10pm ferry to Centre Island.

Make sure you don't dilly-dally though--last one back to the mainland is at 11:45.


Jim said...

Prostitution isn't illegal in Canada. You just can't talk about it in public or do it, privately, in the same place more than once. Despite these minor restrictions my friends in the profession tell me business has never been better.

Jim said...

I should have been more precise. It's illegal to "communicate" in public for the purpose of buying and selling sexual services.

Robert G. said...

Yes, paying/receiving money for is not illegal per se.


Jim said...

And...the law is an ass and Centre Island isn't large enough. And I was reacting to the inaccuracy of the lead in the CTV story.

I suspect (no one has good data) that most prostitution in Canada, like drug dealing, is middle class on both sides of the transaction. The moral panic over street prostitution and massage parlours ignores the larger marketplace in which professionals meet new clients through personal referrals from satisfied customers.

Two years ago there was an intense debate at a Canadian Labour Congress conference in Quebec City over a proposal to unionize the sex trade.

Later that evening, in a nearby gay bar, I found myself describing the arguments to a very attractive and attentive hustler. "But don't they understand," he said, "I'm a businessman, why would I want to join a union?"