Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's A Decision I'll Make With My Family

Oh, look: Roger Clemens says there's a small chance he'll come back this year. Just like last year. And the year before. And once more for luck. Perhaps we'll be fortunate enough to get another farewell tour, or at least a couple of "last start" standing ovations.

Brett Favre, it seems, is definitely coming back. A decisive fellow--good to see.

If Favre or Clemens issued a press release and nobody published it, would they immediately cease to exist?

For Hall of Fame talent sans Hall of Fame ego, turn to pitcher Greg Maddux.

Maddux after winning his 300th:

Maddux never returned to the field after the final out was made. Fans hollered as he worked his way down the hallway to a postgame interview, and Maddux practically pursed his lips to keep from reacting. It took a near mugging by a bunch of teammates at his locker to finally make him smile.


After the final out, Cubs fans held up a large "W" banner, and a graphic recognizing Maddux's achievement was shown on the center-field scoreboard. But Maddux never came back onto the field. He didn't feel it would be right to hold a huge celebration in somebody else's ballpark...

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