Thursday, February 8, 2007

When You've Nothing Else Write About The Weather

Spare a thought for our UK cousins today.

Just look at that snow in London..

And the cold!

Severe overnight weather warnings have been issued for Wales, the Midlands and southern England.

Temperatures could fall as low as -4C (25F) in Wales and the Midlands. Elsewhere, in south east England and western Scotland, it will be -3C (26F).

S'like being in the 'Peg.


Emerson said...

Not to worry. Global warming will kick in soon and snow will be a thing of the past. Why, we've had global warming here in Long Beach, CA for as log as I can remember.

whining my ass said...

clever, clever man. Snowfall in the Uk tends to be big news because the average annual snowfall is 10cm. So if that arrives in a few hours, rather than over 4 months, its (relatively) quite a lot. Its no different to 25C weather in the arctic. It might not be a Californian summer temperature, but that doesnt make it normal.

The real disruption is that its actually quite warm for most of the Uk snow. Certainly most day time temperatures would be well above zero. Therefore the trouble is actually caused when the stuff melts and then re freezes after dark - just in time for rush hour. Then its like an ice rink. You should try it! Snow tires are pretty pointless for one snow fall a year, and besides the average daytine temperature is around 8 degrees. and usually pissing with rain!

We close our schools for this reason when this happens - because its like walking on ice, and thats no good for school children or parents, not to mention school buses trying to brake on it.. It might be 0 degrees (rather than -40 in winnipeg when they start considering it!).

We know we dont do snow very well, and we also know why. But it makes our 'news' for one reason alone. For us, its not every day. Or even every year. See you in 2012 when we are next making news!

Robert G. said...


WMA said...

Your humility is enlightening. Are you sure you're not from the USA?

Will said...


Are you sure you're British? You don't seem to have a sense of humour.

Robert G. said...
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Robert G. said...

Londoner. No suprise.

Will said...

Well there you go. Funny people. Not funny people tho'.