Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not Professional, Just Foul

Short version: the teams were sent memos explaining the rules beforehand, but said rules were never previously enforced with any consistency, the international governing body from which the rules are sourced is not unequivocal on the matter, and the local bods are now forcing the issue, i.e., passing the buck.

And the Premier feels the need to comment, thus turning the whole thing (like it wasn't already) into the latest round in Quebec's "reasonable accomodation" debate.

And a little kid from Nepean gets to be the centre of an international media storm.

All in all, a red-letter day for complete fucking idiocy.

Update: TG, as usual, finds the positive bits.

1 comment:

Sean Pelette said...

How about 'rapier-like wit of an armless D'Artagnon'.