Monday, March 12, 2007

Earn Enough For Us?

Andy P.'s stomping ground of Swindon is also home to this brave/mad/masochistic couple.

The missus ran the house like a time-and-motion professional, which I guess is what you'd have to do. Why you'd want your home life to be exactly like a for-pay job is beyond me.

I'm suspicious that the doc tarted things up a bit (we saw a version repackaged for U.S. tv, sans the presence of an interviewer). The father is only a modest earner, so it's hard to understand how they can afford grocery bills of 200+ pounds/week and a family vacation that cost over 5000; at least, not without supplementary income or going massively into debt. Their decent-sized house also looked extremely well decked out, with high-end kitchen apps, and furnishings that appeared to be umlaut-free.

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