Monday, March 12, 2007

No More Doors

I'm sick of The Doors. "Light My Fire" was playing in Starbucks this morning. Jesus Christ, what a way to start the day--having to listen to pop music's most overblown talent droning away.
Morrison would have been nothing without the other three to back him up. He wins the award for worst lyrics ever (check out "Riders on the Storm" to see what I mean; I cannot bring myself to reproduce such lame words).

Of all the pompous, self-important '60s bands--and there are many--The Doors win. Please, no more Doors!


Robert G. said...

It helps if you think of it as age-demographically-targeted lifestyle product rather than music.

But yes, JM was no American Poet, just a fatty who couldn't sing.

Sean Pelette said...

I've long since come to the judgement that Morrison was a somewhat talented but overgrown adolescent.

Emerson said...

Does Canada have its own version of Starbucks?

Jo said...

There's the anti-Starbucks: Tim Horton's.