Monday, April 23, 2007

But, But...What If My Kids Suck?

He should do a post about the weirdies spoken of here, since he's the one with the professional interest. What do I care about the environment?

Choice r-tarded quote:

Vincent Ciaccio and his wife, Laura -- both 29 -- grew up passively assuming that they would have children one day. However, after the couple met in college and embarked on a life together, they realized they did not want to become parents, a decision informed in large part by environmental concerns.

While the Ciaccios would not describe themselves as hard-core environmentalists, they are both ethical vegetarians who eat locally grown food, drive a compact car and regulate their energy consumption.

"There are a lot of reasons to be vegetarian and a lot of those translate into reasons to be child-free -- choices like not supporting clear-cutting the rain forests to raise cattle," says Mr. Ciaccio, who currently lives in Boston, where his wife is at law school. "Being child-free means we don't run the risk of having children who won't be vegetarians and undo all the good choices we've made."


Rootietoot said...

ok the first thing that came to mind was my grandfathers cattle ranch. As it's in West Texas, No Rainforests Were Harmed In The Making of This Beef.

Transmontanus said...

Their parents should have thought of it.

I'll get 'em when I gotta moment.

emerson said...

The Ciaccio's sound like a pair of self-centered pricks. If you don't want to have kids, fine, but to express it as a sign of your superior humanity is ego masturbation. I never had kids because 1) I never wanted to have any, 2) I couldn't afford them even if I wanted to, and 3) the condom's didn't break. Not because I love baby seals and I recycle.

Here in California these people would shop at Whole Foods thinking they're superior to Trader Joe's shoppers. This is another empty gesture from snobs who love humanity but hate people.

Robert G. said...

This is another empty gesture from snobs who love humanity but hate people.

I wouldn't be so sure even of that.

I like Whole Foods. Good take-out counter.

Will said...

Whole foods keep you regular as well remember.

BTW: Emerson said "3) the condom's didn't break."

Does this ever happen (that is - break/burst)? I think this is one of those urban myths that gathers its own momentum and everbody ends up not questioning the validity or otherwise of the 'fact'. Obviously, for males there is a hidden subtext behind not questioning the truthfulness of the 'fact' but females seem to implicitly encourage the continued assumption that it is a fact.

Wot's all that about then?

hakmao said...

Take out?

Take away.

Will said...

Get rid of?

Is this a game of word association football?

Robert G. said...

Nova Scotians call hilly vantage points "lookoffs." Cuz you look off, don't ya?

Robert G. said...

Does this ever happen (that is - break/burst)?

Yes. Yes it does.

Usually down to improper installation. Hire a professional.

Will said...

Geordie says "Am gannin tu Wargate for me holidays"

You say "Where's Wargate"?

Geordie says: "at the bottom of worpath"

Robert G. said...

Just curious: do your folk still store the coal in the bathtub?

Will said...

bath is in the coaltub.

Rootietoot said...

I have 2 children that prove neither condoms nor pills nor careful planning prevent conception all the time. I also have 2 that were intentional. Guess which 2 are more trouble.

Robert G. said...

I'm sure all kids named Will are a pain in the ass.